“I wondered how many times you could get a laugh from a prim and proper character suddenly dropping the f-bomb.  For me the novelty wore off very quickly,, and the main pleasure I got out of it was from doing that thing: what’s he/she been in?” 

Anatomy of a Fall is both a gripping courtroom drama and an absorbing psychological one, which manages to hold our interest for all of its 150 minutes.  It deservedly won the Palme d’Or at Cannes last year, and the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay at the recent Academy Awards.  

‘I have a low tolerance for narrative cliché, but the storyline of The Holdovers is not as predictable as it sounds.  I also have low tolerance for sentimentality and mawkishness, but The Holdovers manages – only just – to push itself up to that threshold without toppling over it.’