Golda was completed and released by August 2023, thus predating the murderous raid by Hamas terrorists on October 7th of that year.  If you are of the view that Israel has no right to exist, you might be unsympathetic on the Big Picture, but you’d have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by this depiction of an old woman having to make terrible decisions in the worst crisis she and her country had ever faced. 

“I wondered how many times you could get a laugh from a prim and proper character suddenly dropping the f-bomb.  For me the novelty wore off very quickly,, and the main pleasure I got out of it was from doing that thing: what’s he/she been in?” 

Anatomy of a Fall is both a gripping courtroom drama and an absorbing psychological one, which manages to hold our interest for all of its 150 minutes.  It deservedly won the Palme d’Or at Cannes last year, and the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay at the recent Academy Awards.  

‘I have a low tolerance for narrative cliché, but the storyline of The Holdovers is not as predictable as it sounds.  I also have low tolerance for sentimentality and mawkishness, but The Holdovers manages – only just – to push itself up to that threshold without toppling over it.’

“Poor Things has been described as a parable of female empowerment and self-knowledge.  It would have us believe that an adult woman who enters the world as a blank slate without having absorbed normal social mores while growing up, would turn into a horny, free spirited sexual adventuress who prefers to take her physical pleasure without emotional attachment.” 

Coup de Chance – ‘stroke of luck’ in French – is written and directed by Woody Allen. Critics, including our own venerable veteran David Stratton, have said it is could well be his last and best movie. Its themes – love, marriage, infidelity, the lives of wealthy sophisticates and above all the role played by luck in human affairs – are highly reminiscent of Match Point, a similar domestic crime thriller which has hitherto been my favourite. My jury is still out as to whether Coup de Chance is better.