Boxing, ladies?

This is Lauren Hubbard, a New Zealand male-to-female transgender athlete who started competing as a woman at the age of 20 after setting weightlifting records as a junior before her transition. In 2017 she competed at the Australian International & Australian Open in Melbourne, becoming the first trans woman to win an international weightlifting title for New Zealand.

At least in weightlifting you don’t win by socking your opponent. But in boxing …..?

Here’s the text of my letter to Boxing Australia, dated 12.8.19:

I am researching the impact on women’s sports of inclusivity laws allowing transgender athletes to participate as women. Would you please advise what Boxing Australia’s policy is, and whether any change is likely, and how you define ‘woman’ for the purposes of participation in boxing. Thank you.
Anne Warburton

When I didn’t get a reply, I wrote this letter to The Australian, which was published on Friday August 16:

Still no reply from Boxing Australia!