Finding Your Feet

This review was first published on Facebook in March 2018

A heartwarming, life-affirming, tear-jerking story about the importance of love, family and friendship, and how you should always keep in mind that life is not a rehearsal.

It was full of implausibilities. A surplus of men at an oldies dance class? Give me a break.

And cliches. Sandra’s late dash to the theatre in Rome, for instance. Will she make it? Of course she will. But surely she would have gone with her sister who would surely have woken her up in time in the first place?!

Of my favourite film critics, Jason di Rosso sneered at it and thought it was no better than the Marigold Hotel franchise. There’s a grain of truth in that, but so what? What about all those superhero franchises the youngsters take seriously these days? He also thought the dark-skinned characters were treated as just visual wallpaper. There’s also a grain of truth in that but he does have that boring youthful obsession with identity politics.

Furthermore (and thank you for listening) let’s not forget the fact – slight spoiler alert – that Bif’s last lover is a fun-loving sexy black man. My other go-to man for commentary which helps me make up my mind whether to shell out and go to see a movie is David Stratton. He loved it. But he’s old, even older than me. And I loved it too.