Review first published to Facebook Jan 2016

I didn’t like the hand-held camerawork, but my rule of thumb is:  if a movie makes me well up even a little bit, it was worth the price of admission.  And it did, and it was. 

Meryl Streep makes a brief appearance as Emmeline Pankhurst delivering an inspirational (and subversive) speech to her followers, and as usual her mere presence lends gravitas and power. 

Historical quibble:  surely the English suffragettes would have made more politically out of the fact that their New Zealand and Australian sisters already had the vote at the time – 1912.  It’s astonishing to reflect that Englishwomen had to wait till 1928 for a right NZ women got in 1893 – 35 years earlier!  26 years earlier in the case of Aussie sheilas.